E.P. Carrillo E Stunner Short Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra    |   Binder: Nicaragua   |   Filler: Nicaragua & Dominican   |   Box of 24: $139.95; Pack of 5: $50.50   |   Robusto   |   5″ x 50 0/3: If you just hear the name “E Stunner” you might think it’s an electronic thingamajig or… maybe something else. It’s none of that; […]

Casa Magna Oscuro Cigar Review

I like the Casa Magna Colorado. It’s a very good cigar. Full disclosure: I received this cigar from Cigars Direct. All reviews are my own. Wrapper: Honduras | Binder: Honduras | Filler: Honduras & Nicaragua Vitola: Toro – 6″x52 | Price: App. $33.oo/5 pack 0/3: Good looking cigar. Very dark wrapper. Feels dry to the […]

Nub Maduro Short Cigar Review


The 460 (4″ x 60 ring gauge) Nub Maduro is a good enough looking cigar. Not too tightly packed, somewhat veiny, no glaring imperfections.


Due to its large ring gauge, it does take a little bit longer to light than most cigars. The predominant flavor is espresso with a good helping of a low-octane spice (i.e. not very spicy spice – if that makes sense).

After the one-inch mark the flavor profile makes a dramatic shift towards earthy/grassy flavors. However, it appears that was nothing more than a brief intermission since the spice and espresso return.

It’s an up-and-down cigar as far as flavor goes. The flavors alternate between being crisp and muddled.

On the bright side, the draw is good (maybe a smidgen too tight for my liking) and the burn is for all intents and purposes, even. It is a medium bodied cigar.


The Nub Maduro was one of those cigars that I don’t have any real negative or positive feelings for. It’s a fine cigar but, as I was merrily puffing along, I found that I was waiting for the end of the cigar to come along. It’s just a boring cigar.

2.5 points

Alec Bradley Maxx Traditional Toro Short Cigar Review


The most obvious difference between the original Maxx line and the Maxx Traditional line is that the Traditional line has smaller ring gauge cigars. Other than that, the traditional cigars are suppose to impart the same bold flavor as the oversized Maxx cigars.

I am smoking the Alec Bradley Maxx Traditional Toro (6″ x 50), which costs around $5.25, for this review. The wrapper has a good sheen of oils but it also has a number of veins. Furthermore, the wrapper color is not consistent but rather a mottled assortment of milk and dark chocolate colors with the occasional black spot.

AB Maxx Traditional Page


Coffee flavors without any of the bitterness. There is a lot of chocolate, it just coats my mouth and won’t leave – not necessarily a bad thing. As this cigar progresses I’m afraid that coffee and chocolate will be all you get from it (and the coffee is relegated to a minor role in less than half an inch).

On the bright side it is a mostly sound cigar. The draw is great but the burn is somewhat uneven and the flavors (um, flavor – so far) is strong. It is a medium bodied cigar. This is all up to the halfway point.

After that point a saltiness comes on. It’s definitely a negative flavor but it is in no way overpowering or even a large enough part of the flavor profile to significantly take away from my overall enjoyment of this cigar. In conjunction with the saltiness a meaty flavor starts coming on. The chocolate is still the major flavor though.


Now that I have finished this cigar I feel let down. Chocolate is a fine flavor as long as it is, at most, a secondary flavor. Making it the leading flavor, for me at least, is a mistake. It is a decent cigar but could have been much better considering its lineage.

2.5 points