Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 | Short Cigar Review

Not very oily but well constructed. Box pressed. It’s a medium bodied cigar that is a little salty with meaty flavors. The draw is very good but the burn isn’t. This is a fine cigar with decent flavors, not something I want to smoke all the time but the occasional one would be fine.

2 points

Rocky Patel Decade | Short Cigar Review

I’m going to try something new here. In the past, I’ve only done reviews in a longer format. That’s fine and all but it does take a lot of work and, even though I am still going to do a lot of those, I think it’s a smart idea to do shorter reviews as well. For these reviews I will use a 1-5 point rating system with 5 being awesome and 1 being pathetic. There might be a lot of repeat here since I plan on giving a short update to every cigar I smoke. Now onto this cigar.

There is a reason why I like Rocky Patel’s cigars and the Decade is one of his better lines. Great draw, fairly even burn and a nominal full bodied profile. It has meaty flavors along with some chocolate and bitterness. It’s probably a good idea to smoke this cigar in the afternoon of after lunch or dinner since it is a little more robust than the average cigar.

4 points