Driving in my Car, Smoking my Cigar

Allison Krauss’s haunting voice is singing Trampled Rose, the windows are down and the speed of my car is increasing. It may be sunset but this is Southern California where the yins and the yangs are extreme opposites. Sure, the taxes are murder but the weather is amazing. If I lived in Minnesota or some […]

The Vicissitudes of Cigar Ratings

With the Top Cigar List season coming to an end (it officially closes once I have published my list at some undisclosed date in the future – so check back regularly) I have been giving some thought to how cigars are rated. What really got me thinking about this was a conversation with a good […]

The Case for Cigar Lounges

I just got done reading this impassioned plea for… No, that’s not right. I just got done reading this inane plea for continuing to outlaw cigar lounges in the state of Washington (HERE). It’s written by a couple of guys who serve on Boards of Health for their respective counties, so you can guess at […]

How to Effectively Fight for your Right to Smoke Cigars

One of the most awe inspiring historical events is the last stand of the Spartans at Thermopylae. At that narrow pass, 300 Spartans (plus some other lesser known Greeks) held off the combined might of the Persians, which purportedly numbered in the millions, long enough to let the Greeks regroup and launch a proper counterattack. […]