Litto Gomez Diez 2013 Cigars Shipping Soon

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I’m very much looking forward to this as the Litto Gomez Diez 2012 Chisel is my favorite cigar and I’m hoping that the 2013 is just as good (dare I hope for it to be even better?). Until they arrive take a look at a picture they recently posted on their Facebook Page of these delicious beauties.

Litto Gomez Diez 2013 cigars ready to ship (click on image to go to their Facebook update on this)

Litto Gomez Diez 2013 cigars ready to ship (click on image to go to their Facebook update on this)

Are you looking forward to any cigars being released shortly?

Smoke a La Aurora 107 Day Contest

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Barry from Miami Cigar & Co. asked me to do this so I’m going to do it.

On October seventh you should upload a picture of you smoking a La Aurora 107 (I suggest the corona or the robusto) in honor of Smoke a 107 Day. Why do this? After all, this is a lot of work as it requires a couple of clicks on your phone (take a picture of yourself smoking a La Aurora 107 and upload it with the hashtag #LaAurora107 – I guess that’s technically a few clicks). Well, it looks like someone will win a trip to the Dominican Republic to tour the La Aurora factory. I’ve been to their factory and it’s pretty damn awesome. So do it!

Smoke a 107 Day

Click on image to go to Miami Cigar & Company’s Facebook page

Operation Smokescreen

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Some of you may have noticed that there is a new sponsor on the site (yeah, that one in the right sidebar). It’s called Operation Smokescreen and it looks like a pretty cool thing. Why? Well, you can win one of five prize packages (each valued at over $1,500) and you can read their description of the rest.

Operation Smokescreen

If you play with fire…you’re bound to get burned.
Operation Smokescreen – an independent film. Starring the biggest names in the cigar business: Jonathan Drew, Nick Perdomo, Rocky Patel, Matt Booth, Christian Eiroa, Charlie Toraño, Ernesto Padilla & Kurt van Keppel.
Plot Outline

A never-before seen bug has taken root in the Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic…at the same time a shadowy figure has emerged with a potent biological weapon that has the power to decimate the fields in just days. It seems that the DR is just the start – the virus has crossed the water to the west, and infected the Nicaraguan mainland growing areas…there have been scattered reports, now by Honduran farmers, of a group of outsiders coming and going by small airplane to and from a hard-to-reach region at the edge of the valley.

There have been no official communications from Cuba. Rumors have surfaced that the Castro regime paid off these eco-terrorists to leave their state industry alone, while others tell of Raul & Fidel sponsoring them as a leverage point to hasten the repeal of the US embargo.

Stories and theories aside, the Mosaic supervirus is now out – and the race is on for a handful of powerful tobacco growers to keep their farms alive. They realize that as long as their fields stay viable, they are in business – and their business is healthier when their competitors’ is not. Some have agreed to work together; others, however, have decided at the same time that it’s in their best interest to cut a deal to win. One has even resorted to killing to keep his secret, along with access to the virus. What none of them had counted on, is that along with creating the virus – an agent at that lab had also created a treatment…that will go to the highest bidder. The growers now know this, and make a push to secure it before they’re ruined as well.

Only one person has the power to stop it – the Middleman. And he has his own plans to let the growers sort it out among themselves, and for him to control the world’s tobacco growing economy after the dust has settled.

Source: Operation Smokescreen Facebook Page

Kind of sounds crazy. But is it the kind of crazy that is fun to watch or the other kind where it’s just insane? I have no clue. But the prize packages – headlined by Liga Privada, Perdomo 20th Anniversary, Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary, Room 101 Namakubi, CLE, Padilla 8 & 11, Torano Loyal and Xikar – are reason enough to look into it.

(Cue movie poster)

Operation Smokescreen Poster

Chisel Cigar Shape Trademark

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Yup, that’s right. Litto Gomez has trademarked the chisel shape in a cigar. As far as I or Cigar Aficionado know this is the first time that a cigar shape (vitola) got trademarked.

Here’s some of the story from CA:

The La Flor Dominicana Chisel, one of the strongest and most original cigars on the market, is now protected by a trademark. Cigarmaker Litto Gomez, who created the Chisel shape in 2003, received acceptance for his trademark application on April 4. The trademark for the Chisel shape is retroactive to 2006, and will be valid until 2016.

“I thought it was a long shot,” Gomez told Cigar Aficionado in an interview yesterday. “They rejected it four or five times—we kept trying.”

While not a goof on Litto Gomez’s part, when I first heard about this I immediately thought about this (watch the whole thing):

Now, I love the La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel (Natural Review and Maduro Review) but this just seems wrong. Even though there haven’t been a proliferation of chisel shaped cigars there are some and I liked the Man O’ War Special Project 52-C, which is a chisel shape. Does this mean these cigars will cease to exist? Maybe not, as long as they can make a deal with Mr. Gomez.

I appreciate the fact that the chisel shape is unique but I don’t think if another cigar maker comes out with a great chisel shaped cigar it would hurt Litto Gomez’s cigars in any way. They are legendary and, speaking for myself, I will always cherish the chisel shape. Now, I guess I’m limited in my chisel options.

The chisel’s raison d’être is the fact that it smokes extremely well. I have never had one with a bad draw or burn. For whatever physical reason these cigars just smoke awesomely. And now? Oh well.

AFGL: CRA, AB, Avo & Breaking In

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A Few Good Links for this week covers some good news from Cigar Rights of America, Alec Bradley’s Red Badge Report, a new Avo and a show that returned from the grave.

1. From CRA is this:

In a significant advancement for the effort to keep the U.S. Food & Drug Administration out of your home and local tobacconist’s humidor, S. 1461 and H.R. 1639 has acquired two major new co-sponsors from the House and Senate.

Representative Fred Upton (R, Michigan) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R, South Carolina) are the politicians who have signed on to fight the FDA. That’s good news and I’m glad we have some more people fighting those who would stomp out our cigars. And a big thanks to CRA for their activism and for keeping us up-to-date on what is going on.

2. Alec Bradley just published the first edition of the Red Badge Report. Here’s a little video (jump ahead to about 0:40):

 3. Then there is the special (can a 100,000 production run be termed “special”) run of the Avo La Trompeta. Here’s the stuff:

Through the subtle balanced Ligero tobaccos and the add-on of Peruvian Seco from exquisite tobacco fields, this special vintage is a medium to full- bodied cigar with complex notes in the aftertaste. The beautiful, slightly oily Ecuador Special Sun Grown wrapper “Seleccion 702” awards this cigar an indescribable spicy and balanced, multi-faceted experience. This cigar converts our thoughts in dreams.

“This cigar converts our thoughts in dreams” – wow. Somebody ate their Wheaties before writing that! More info:

“La Trompeta” presents itself in a majestic and charming cigar format – a brilliant 6 ½ x 54 “Piramide”– the addition of a special feature to pay homage to the jazz trumpet, three small circular cigar leaf cut-outs are placed on the wrapper leaf to resemble “trumpet keys” – limited to 100,000 cigars worldwide with 50,000 cigars for the US market.

“La Trompeta” will be available on March 26th at Select Merchants with a retail price of $15.50 taxes not included.

4. Breaking In is not a great show but it’s fun. At least, it was. With the addition of Megan Mullally and the subtraction of a couple of guys (the kind of up tight one and that other one, you know, the zany guy) the premiere episode wasn’t good. Hopefully it will get better but, well, let’s hope. Here’s a video that I think shows one of the funnier moments from the first season:

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