Cigar Humidification Tip #1

The other night one of the gentlemen I was smoking cigars with asked me what he should do about this (Cuban) Cohiba he had. To my horror, the Cohiba has not been properly humidified in a couple of months. This, I told him, was a problem and it is a problem for many people who […]

My Humidor

Back during those halcyon days when I first took up cigar smoking as a serious endeavor I did not put too much energy into figuring out how I was going to store my extra stogies. And, in truth, there wasn’t much of a need for an elaborate humidor since I didn’t keep many cigars on hand.

Inevitably, my stock of cigars grew. A few years ago I purchased my first honest-to-goodness humidor. It was a cheap thing though, something that is really only good for protecting remote controls from the basic instincts of the adolescent Labrador. Fortunately that is the only function I can find for that humidor nowadays.

After a couple of months trying to regulate the humidity level in a substandard humidor I decided to bite the bullet and buy a cigar humidor; not a remote control humidor or an extraneous junk humidor, but a cigar humidor.

Setting out on the task of purchasing my first big guy humidor I had a couple of needs to fill.

  1. Storage Space: It had to be be big enough to hold about 100 cigars. This is enough to get me through a month with a couple of sticks to spare.
  2. Aesthetics: Pleasing to the eyes but not garish. Ideally, the humidor would have an elegantly simple design to it.
  3. Dividers: This could be in the form of a tray or one of those pressure fitting dividers or, ideally, both.
  4. Safety: Mainly to keep the prying hands of my young cousins out of my humidor.

I also thought it would be nice (and look good) if the lid was partially made out of glass. This way I could peek into my humidor without having to open it and disrupt the climate.

During my search I happened upon a number of stylish humidors but there was just something wrong with each of them. The color may have been a little light, no glass top, no shelf, or, what was really a sticking point for me, those humidors were just too expensive. Then I happened upon a great looking humidor with a fair price: the Pompeii Humidor at Famous Smoke, which you can see on the left side of this post.

As you can see it is a beautiful cigar humidor. It has a hygrometer installed in the front, a lock (with a tassel no less!), a tray and a divider. Plus it holds up to 100 cigars. Personally, I put my important (read: expensive) cigars on the tray so that whenever I peer through the glass I get excited about smoking another cigar.

I have had this cigar humidor for a while now and I have no complaints. It’s perfect for where I am at in my cigar smoking career and it is also a pretty good conversation piece. Even when the situation necessitates the purchase of another, much larger, humidor I will always have a place for this one.

Well, there you have it. You now know which humidor I use how about telling us which humidor you use.