I have been smoking cigars for a couple of years now and wanted a place to put down my thoughts on cigars so I could keep track of all the cigars that I am smoking. I have put my reviews into two different categories: the long form “Cigar Review” and the short form “Short Cigar Review.” The Cigar Review section uses a 100 point scale and is fairly detailed while the Short Cigar Review section uses a 5 point scale and basically tells how much I want to smoke a cigar again.

The other sections like “Assault on Cigars” and “Cigar Industry” help me keep track of what is going on with cigars in general. While the impetus for this blog is so that I can keep track of things for myself I hope that you will be able to get quite a bit of value from it. My reviews are completely impartial and, since I like following the news, the other categories will help keep you and me abreast of what is going on in the cigar world.

Personally, I have a MBA (Entrepreneurship) and two undergraduate degrees (Finance and Economics). Right now I am currently working as a start-up consultant and would eagerly welcome a solid opportunity in the cigar industry.

Please check back regularly to this blog and subscribe to my RSS feed. I should be doing a few long form reviews a week and about as many short form reviews, if not more. I’ll also be keeping a vigilant eye for any assault on cigars, whether they be smoking bans or taxes. This is an entertaining and informative blog that I definitely find useful for myself. I hope that you find it worthwhile as well.

P.S. If anyone wants to become a guest reviewer I would absolutely love that. Just send me your review to travislindsay@theperfectdraw.com and I’ll post your review as long as it’s not horrible.

Thanks for your interest and keep on smoking cigars!

Travis Lindsay