Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Maduro – Cigar Review

The Stats:

Length: 4.5′
Ring Gauge: 50
Approximate Price: $5.50
Wrapper: Dominican maduro

Arturo Fuente cigars hold a special place for me since the first cigar I smoked was a Fuente. But that’s another story for another day, let’s focus on this cigar!

The top half of the cigar is wrapped in a thin sheet of cedar. I don’t think there’s any purpose to this other than that they think it looks good and maybe some people do think it looks good. I think it looks ridiculous. The only reason I say this is because the cedar obscures a perfectly constructed cigar underneath. It’s a very dark and oily cigar and I cannot wait to light this baby up.

The Light!

It’s unlike any cigar I have ever smoked before! Loads of spice with a very deep earthiness to it. There is also a bit of sweetness with this one, which is normal for maduro cigars. There isn’t much sweetness to it but it is there, just barely – thank God.

Even though I don’t like sweet cigars, a little bit can add to the complexity of the cigar and it can actually accentuate the good flavors of the cigar.

One minor problem with this cigar is that the burn isn’t perfect. The draw is absolutely great, the flavors are wonderful, and there is tons of smoke coming out of it so a little burning problem with the cigar isn’t that big of a deal. Seriously, this cigar does have an absolutely perfect draw.

To top it all off, the spiciness is sticking around and maybe even becoming a bit stronger. It’s a little bombshell of a cigar!

Even though this definitely is a full bodied cigar, it is also a very smooth cigar. Unfortunately, the burn is just getting worse. I can no longer ignore it. Every few minutes I have to touch it up… but this cigar is just so good. Maybe I can look past that uneven burn problem.

The deep, smoky spice and the rich earthiness never dissipates. It is a jewel of a cigar even with the uneven burn. Yeah, it’s a small cigar but it is very mighty.

It’s an absolutely wonderful cigar. Without the uneven burn I would have definitely given it a 95, maybe even a 96. But since the burn was uneven…

94 points

Published by Travis Lindsay

I am a guy who smokes cigars.

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  1. I was going to call you out on the cedar wrap part, but I suspect some component of the complexity of the cigar is actually due to the cedar and your high grade reflects that. Glad you enjoyed the cigar!