El Beso Maduro Short Cigar Review


The dark wrapper is gruesome looking. Bumps and raised veins pollute the landscape of an otherwise oily and well constructed cigar. This is the second cigar that I bought at El Beso in Whittier, CA the other day. Measuring in at 6″ x 54 the El Beso Maduro Torpedo has tobaccos from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Brazil. As was the case with the previous cigar, the El Beso Reserve No. 11, this cigar made locally.


Great draw and an even burn. I can feel the heat on my tongue from the spice but it definitely is not overpowering. Earthy, cocoa and a bit of sweetness round out the flavors. It’s a medium bodied cigar, maybe slightly more than that.

Working in the El Beso Maduro’s corner is the fact that the flavors are pristine; it’s really easy to pick out the flavors. Oddly, when I started smoking this cigar I was thinking that there was no way I was going to like it. But it is just getting better and better.

Chocolate takes on a more prominent role after the first ashing at the one inch mark. It’s an extremely rich chocolate. And then, as soon as that extremely rich chocolate flavor comes on the scene, it nearly disappears.


It is difficult to formulate a conclusive verdict for this cigar. The flavors are good and they are very clean. But there is just something lacking from it. The flavors are not as vibrant as I had hoped. Perhaps my expectations for this cigar were too lofty after smoking the El Beso Reserve No. 11 to truly enjoy this good, in its own right, cigar. Still, something was missing.

3 points

Price: $6.50

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