The Unit is a Cigar Smoker’s Television Show

October 27, 2008 · Posted in Entertainment 

I can’t believe I forgot to talk about The Unit the other day when I wrote about Sons of Anarchy. While it is true that there is more cigar smoking going on in SoA I have to say that my favorite between the two shows is The Unit for a couple of reasons.

First off, The Unit has been around for a longer time. I know what I am going to get from that show from now on. The same cannot be said for SoA. There’s a chance that they can be going through story lines a lot quicker than they should be and they might run out of ideas.

Secondly, The Unit is on network television. While this is also a negative since they can’t do the more edgy stories it is a net plus because you know CBS is going to be able to afford many more seasons of The Unit. The same cannot be said for SoA. Even if it does become a hit on satellite TV that doesn’t mean anything. Just look at another one of my favorites, The Shield. It’s still doing well ratings-wise, I think, but they are shutting it down because it’s just costing to much to produce.

Thirdly, The Unit is about the military. Sure, marauding motorcycle clubs are awesome to watch but there’s just something about watching Special Operations guys completing missions. Maybe I like the good guys (The Unit) better because during my formative years I read nearly every Tom Clancy book and watched John Wayne movies with my dad. But, let’s face it, the good guys are obvious with The Unit and the same can’t be said about SoA.

Fine, this last point does need some more explanation. I know that the vast majority of situations we encounter don’t present us with purely good or purely bad/evil options. And the writers of The Unit know this as well. While the Delta Force operators on The Unit are mostly good, decent people they are routinely faced with situations that push the bounds of their morality, or code, if you will. It still is just as complex a show as SoA or 24, another one of my favorites.

The last factor that is in The Unit‘s favor over SoA is that Dennis Haysbert is the lead actor. The ex-president from 24 is a big-time cigar smoker and also an avid wine lover. And, even though The Unit is on network television, they have smoked cigars on the show in the past. I don’t know for sure but I would wager a pretty big bet that many of our military men and women smoke cigars. Not a majority of them by any means but a good sized minority of them.

Alright, enough with this comparing and contrasting. Both shows are great and should be watched by any cigar smoker. The Unit, in particular, is an action-packed thinking mans shoot ‘em up hour-long drama that has always impressed.

Like 24, The Unit will kill off major characters (24 is the undisputed king of this by a large margin, however), which adds an air of unpredictability to the show. And the guys aren’t always successful. So, unlike those law and cop “dramas,” there actually is some drama for this show. For example, in a show a couple of weeks ago Haysbert’s character promised a group of prostitutes that he would free them. Unfortunately for the prostitutes, the mission got in the way and some of the bad guys got away with the prostitutes.

Perhaps the best thing about The Unit is that they actually have the guy who wrote the book on the Delta Force, Inside Delta Force, as a major part of the production of this show. He actually knows how things work in the black world of Special Ops and it shows. There aren’t any James Bond-ish flying cars or Mission Impossible helicopters flying in a tunnel ridiculousness.

The Unit is all about misdirection, brains, deceit, and force. In the end the good guys will always win the day even if not all the victories are not total ones.

One last thing, I would be remiss if I don’t mention the women of The Unit. Their stories are just as captivating as the stories of the guys on mission. The women have to deal with their own problems that are frequently exacerbated by the fact that their husbands are members of one of the world’s most elite fighting forces.

What this all ads up to is tension. There’s tension on each mission, tension between husband and wife, mother and daughter, between shooters and their colonel, soldier and politician, even between team members themselves. No story line stands still on this show and everything inevitably goes off in some totally unforeseen direction.

The Unit is an awesome show and is absolutely worthy of an hours worth of a cigar smoker’s time. This show is highly recommended by me.


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