Alec Bradley Overture Cigar Review

The Alec Bradley Overture Robusto is a good looking cigar. It has a waxy feel to it and the construction is great. Besides a couple of discolorations and a minor rip on the foot it should be fine.

Here’s what the only retailer, Famous Smoke Shop, has to say about this cigar: “Overture employs a well-balanced blend of Honduran Trojes and Nicaraguan Jalapa longfillers married to a luscious Honduran Trojes Viso wrapper. You’ll enjoy a creamy, full-bodied symphony of complex flavors offering traces of oak, cedar, sweet spices, and espresso on the finish.

We’ll see.

Cigar Stats
Length: 5″
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: Honduras
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras and Nicaragua
Price: $6.75

Afternoon Flame!

I have smoked a couple of these in the past couple of months and I have been completely underwhelmed but the first couple of puffs of this AB Overture have been great. For about the first inch the flavors are warm and spicy. Then the spice falls back somewhat and a bitter earthy/cocoa flavor comes to the fore.

Around the two inch mark the flavors start to change. The earthiness remains along with a diminished cocoa as well. A candied flavor starts to creep into the mix; it’s a nice sweetness that compliments the other flavors. It is a medium-full bodied cigar with a great draw and an even burn.

Over the last couple of inches the spice reappears without much sweetness. My only problem with this cigar is that the flavors are somewhat muddled. They mix together fairly well but the flavors themselves aren’t pristine.

Actually, this was a very good cigar. Lots of flavor and nuance. I would not say that this cigar is amazing but this one specifically was worth it.

When I have smoked these in the past I didn’t like them: 83-86 points – in my opinion. If you do buy some of these cigars I would suggest that you let them rest in your humidor for at least a month, probably more.

89 points

Barry over at A Cigar Smoker’s Journal gave this cigar 90 points

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