Partagas Black Label Short Cigar Review

Pre-Smoke: It’s a big, dark and oily cigar that looks a little rustic. Oh, and by “oily” I mean really, really oily. Almost to the point of being too oily. This Partagas Black feels a little too soft to the touch. I am smoking the Magnifico (6″ x 54) vitola.

Smoke: Unfortunately, the draw is intermittently too tight. During those pockets when this cigar has a decent draw I do get some good flavors coming through. Chocolate, burnt pistachio and a robust earthiness. There is a salty sweetness that is left on my lips and that lingers in my mouth. It is also extremely bitter. A medium bodied cigar with a horrific burn.

After-Smoke: The funny thing about the Partagas Black Label is that all of this has happened to me before. In January I smoked one of the Partagas Black Label Magnificos and I gave it 82 points. The really befuddling thing about this line is that I gave the Partagas Black Label Piramide (6″ x 60 torpedo) 93 points.

1 point

Price Range: $5.50 – $7.50

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  1. For the most part my experience with this particular cigar, the Partagas Black Label Magnifico, tracks well with this review and the other one I did for it. But tonight I smoked another one that had a pretty good draw. The burn was atrocious but I could at least get a good grip on the flavor profile.

    It's basically what I have written in this review without the lingering sweetness on my lips or the extreme bitterness.

    When I started this cigar I had no intention of assigning a score to it nor was I thinking about reviewing it. I just wanted to smoke a cigar, and, not feeling great, I picked a cigar that I wouldn't be disappointed in if it wasn't that good. Fortunately, it turned out that this cigar was better than I expected. But not that much better.

    I would peg it in the 85-87 point (3 point) range. It's a decent cigar when the draw is open the whole time.