Occidental Reserve Short Cigar Review

Pre-Smoke: This is a cheap cigar and it looks like one. Veins, stretch marks and a couple of holes mar the light wrapper. It isn’t very oily and it feels evenly packed.

Smoking the Robusto (4 7/8″ x 50) vitola.

Smoke: This must be what smoking a chicken bone tastes like. Harsh, burnt flavors dominate. There is some oakiness in the background that shows me that this cigar isn’t a complete waste. But it’s close to being one.

On the bright side it does draw and burn well. It’s a very mild cigar but that isn’t my problem with it. The flavors are nearly all negative. As I near the end of this cigar I get a strong tobacco flavor that isn’t good.

After-Smoke: Look, I know that this is a cheap cigar and that my expectations should be considerably lower – and they were. But, besides the negligible oak flavor all the other flavors were harsh and it just wasn’t much fun smoking.

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Occidental Cigar Web Page

Price Range: $3.00 to $5.00


    Torpedo (6″ x 52)
    Toro (6″ x 48)
    Churchill (7″ x 48)
    Corona (6 1/8″ x 43)
    Robusto (4 7/8″ x 50)
    Gigante (8 1/2″ x 52)

Wrapper: US Connecticut Shade
Binder: US Connecticut
Filler: Dominican Republic, Indonesia

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