CigarPass Community Fights Back

October 25, 2008 · Posted in Cigar Community 

This is from the owner of CigarPass, which is a cigar message board community.

Dear Members,

Things are changing in the online cigar community, and I feel it’s necessary that I fill you in on what’s going on, and our stance on this recent development.

You may have noticed that five cigar forums were recently sold to a gentleman named Jon Caputo.

Jon purchased:

Club Stogie

Top 25 Cigar

Cigar Live

Cigar Review

Cigar Smokers

…about a week or so ago. This is quite an acquisition…

Jon approached me about a year ago and wanted to purchase CigarPass. I declined… A couple months ago he approached me again wanting to purchase CigarPass. Without going into too much detail on the offer, I will say it was enough money for a good down payment on a house (in California) plus money left over for a new car. His offer also included keeping me on board as a paid consultant.

Major Announcement – Cigar Community as a whole – CigarPass.

I have never been on any of the cigar forums at CigarPass before, I have been more of a news junkie in the past. But I came across this looking at some other cigar blogs online and was impressed.

It has to be a very hard thing turning down what probably amounts to around $100,000 for a cigar forum. Sure, it’s been around since 2000 and I’m also sure that the owner has put his heart and soul into this thing and has made some good friends but that is a good amount of money (especially considering the fact that he probably hasn’t put nearly as much money into this thing as he is getting out of it). Many people, as evidenced by the list above, will quickly take the money.

So here’s a tip of the hat to the owner of CigarPass, Rod. Good going brother!


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