La Aurora Preferido Robusto – Cigar Review

October 24, 2008 · Posted in Cigar Review 

I have always loved cigars from La Aurora. They aren’t overly strong nor are they extremely spicy. Instead, they just have excellent flavors and are smooth.

This cigar doesn’t look any different. It is a well-made robusto with only a couple pronounced veins. That shouldn’t matter though because when I have smoked these cigars in the past they have always been great. I can’t remember giving one of these specific cigars from La Aurora anything less than a 90.

Queen’s Flame!

Spice, coffee, and vanilla notes. The draw is decent but could be better. The real problem with this cigar, so far, is that the burn is God awful. I’m not even an inch into this cigar and there are already massive runners on this cigar. Many touch-ups.

But I can stand the touch-ups if the flavors are still good. Unfortunately, after this cigar has burnt down about an inch it loses its punch. The flavors are still there but they are muted and there is something more sinister about this cigar.

There’s a new flavor coming through which is ruining this cigar. That flavor? The best I can come up with is ammonia. I am shocked that this cigar has taken such a poor turn. Seriously, the last time I smoked one of these cigars I gave it over 90 points. I think it was a 93 (I may not have that review up on the site yet, be patient).

Eventually, the ammonia flavor starts receding but not completely. Even though I was enjoying the flavors of this cigar before I am no longer enjoying this cigar at all.

This cigar is perplexing. I got three or four of these cigars about three weeks before I smoked it. The one I smoked immediately was awesome. Obviously, this one falls on the other end of the spectrum. My only advice would be to let this cigar age a little in your humidor. Maybe that would have taken care of the ammonia flavor.

Or, this could just have been a bad cigar. That does happen. Even if you are smoking a cigar from a favorite brand there will be a small percentage of those cigars that just aren’t good. While that is a pain that is just something we are going to have to live with because perfection is impossible with cigars.

Still, I am disappointed with this cigar. I was expecting so much more and, even with the poor burn and the tight draw, I was enjoying this cigar. That rogue flavor completely ruined it.

83 points


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