Rocky Patel The Edge Corojo Short Cigar Review

Pre-Smoke: My only problem with Rocky Patel cigars is that their wrappers seem to want to unravel all the time and this wrapper looks no different. There are a few imperfections on the wrapper – some discolorations and an 1/8″ diameter hole a mere two inches from the cap. It has a couple of pronounced veins and the wrapper isn’t very oily. The wrapper feels like a late fall leaf; thick and smooth. I’m smoking the Toro 6″ x 52 vitola.

Smoke: From the first puff you know that this is an awesome cigar. At first you get hit with a ton of spicy flavors. Then, after an inch and an ashing, it settles down. Woody and meaty flavors. There is still a good helping of spice that is sticking around. What I really like about this cigar is that it is very flavorful.

After-Smoke: I took a walk after smoking this cigar to clear my head. While it is a medium-full bodied smoke it does have some strength to it. What I didn’t like about this cigar is that it mellowed too much for my tastes.

4 points

Price Range: $5.00 – $6.00

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