Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Corojo Robusto – Cigar Review

It’s a fairly dark cigar but it is not the maduro version of this cigar. Actually, the wrapper is corojo, which is a very spicy and full bodied leaf – usually. I love cigars with corojo tobacco. This one will probably be no different.

And, just by judging from the look of the cigar this will be a very good cigar. It is perfectly constructed with absolutely no imperfections. There are a good amounts of oils on the wrapper. This means that it has been properly cared for and should be a tasty cigar.

Put on the Flame!

A lot of spice comes through immediately as well as some sweetness. It’s a good mix. Right now, and remember, this is right after I just lit it, it is medium-full bodied cigar. Even though there might be changes to this cigar as I smoke it down I can already say that this cigar has been better than many other cigars I have smoked.

Now that I have smoked it down about an inch the sweetness is coming through a bit stronger now. Still good though. Along with the sweetness are some cocoa and espresso flavors. This would be a perfect cigar for a Cuban morning. You could smoke it while drinking some strong Cuban coffee; it would be wonderful.

I have smoked it a little further down now and I find myself having to do a lot of touch-ups for this cigar. It just isn’t burning evenly. Well, when the cigar is truly great, as this one is, I can put up with a little uneven burning.

And this is a really great cigar. I’m usually all for spiciness in my cigars but this is a sweet cigar and it is better than most cigars I have ever smoked. It’s a rich experience indeed!

An interesting thing happens about halfway through. Like the calm before a (delicious) storm the spice flavors completely disappear. It was just a creamy, perfectly fine, cigar. Unfortunately, this change made it lose most of its luster for about a half an inch. I wasn’t liking it as much – it was still great – but it had lost something.

And then…

BAM! The spice has come back and the cigar is truly wonderful. On the cusp of being perfect. It is now a full bodied bombshell, a cigar I will hate to put down. Even if I burn my fingers a little bit I will try to get as much out of this cigar as possible. I will take a little second degree burning to get as much out of this cigar as possible.

Now that I am done with this excellent cigar I have to judge it. If it had kept that awesome spicy flavor throughout the duration of the cigar it would be a 94, maybe even a 95. But it did not do that and it lapsed into being too medium bodied and the sweetness became almost too much for a while. A sweet cigar needs some spice and strength behind it to balance everything out.

Another thing with this cigar is that it didn’t burn evenly all the time. There were some problems with that and it was a nuisance. That should only take off a point or two though. So, what do I give this cigar?

92 points

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