CAO Mx2 Beli Cigar Review

June 15, 2009 · Posted in Cigar Review 

Maduro wrapper and binder. Tightly packed with only a couple of soft spots near the cap. Bumpy and somewhat lopsided. Small amount of oil. This is a very thick cigar.

One of the many reasons why people like CAOs is because they are just interesting and the CAO marketing staff is great at telling a good story about their cigars. Having two maduro leaves for the wrapper and the binder is unique and does create a certain amount of interest just due to the novelty of the whole thing. What keeps people coming back is that CAO cigars are just plain good.


Cigar Stats
Length: 7″
Ring Gauge: 56
Wrapper: USA/Connecticut
Binder: Brazil
Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru
Price: $5.00

Medium bodied cigar with some sweetness and earthiness. There is also a chocolate flavor as well. It has a good draw. I would have to say that the main flavor in this cigar, so far, is a grassy earthiness.

There’s also this bitterness; something akin to cocoa but not quite. In my estimation it’s a good accompaniment with the sweet and earthy flavors. It does smell like a barnyard though. [Side Note: If this is what all cigars smell like to you non-smokers I can kind of understand why you don't like being around smokers. Well, kind of, sort of - not really though. Have you non-smokers never smoked a cigar? What's wrong with you!]

Very, very slow burning. Very good as well. Pure flavors, creamy smoke and an even burn. Halfway through and chocolate has become the predominant flavor. I have to note that the bitterness is still there.

Nearing the end now and it’s still a good cigar. The purity of the flavors, however, has been muddled. A bad bitterness has taken place of the good bitterness that was present during the first half, three-quarters of the cigar. Too bad – was really liking this cigar. I’m still getting the chocolate flavor on the retrohale.

Takes a long time to smoke this cigar. Flavors are mostly very good, however, nearing the end of the cigar the flavors do take a wrong turn. Overall, I liked this cigar. The badness was isolated to the last inch and, since it is a rather longish cigar, it only deducts three or four points from my overall score.

88 points


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