Am I Too Easy of a Reviewer?

April 7, 2009 · Posted in Cigar 101 

As I look through some of my old ratings I realize that I have a lot of scores that are plus or minus three points of 90. Is that because I smoke a lot of quality cigars or is it because I am just too easy on the cigars?

I currently have 16 reviews that I gave 87-89 points to, seven received 90 points and 13 got 91-93 points. Overall, I have rated 54 cigars. That means about 64.8% of my reviews fall within the seven point range of 87-93 points, 27.8% fall in the 87-89 point range, 13% at 90 points and 24% in the 91-93 point range. Is that normal?

Instead of launching into a massive research project I decided to look at the ratings at A Cigar Smokers Journal because I really respect his ratings. Overall, he has rated 128 cigars. Of those ratings, he gave 15 90 points, 47 between 87 and 89 points and 29 between 91 and 93 points. That means that 71% of his reviews fall in the 87-93 point range, 36.7% fall in the 87-89 point range, 11.7% were given 90 points and 22.6% got 91-93 points.

Surprisingly, to me at least, our proportion of 90-93 point cigars are very close. He has a much larger proportion of his ratings in the 87-89 range though and even though the 90-93 point category is pretty close, I do tend to be more willing to give 90-93 points to a cigar.

Of course this isn’t scientific. The sample sizes are too small, we rated different cigars and I probably screwed up the math a little (adding and division are just so damned boring). But this is a basic way for me to judge how well I am doing at rating cigars and I would have to say that I am not doing too badly. At least that’s what I think.


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