Update on Nebraska Cigar Bar Exemption

Here’s an update on yesterday’s story about cigar bar exemptions in Nebraska; from Cigar Aficionado:

    Many lawmakers opposed the original bill, not necessarily for its attempt to exempt cigar bars, but for its vague language. They felt the bill contained loopholes that would allow businesses to stock up on tobacco products to meet the definition of a cigar bar and permit patrons to smoke.
    Since Friday, lawmakers have been fine-tuning details of an amendment that seeks to exempt cigar bars from the ban while tightening the language so other businesses couldn’t easily qualify as cigar bars.
    By day’s end today, the bill being discussed would lower the revenue figure to 10 percent, but this percentage would be derived solely from cigar sales.
    Lawmakers are expected to vote on the bill tomorrow.

Hopefully the amendment gets passed.

UPDATE (3-24-09 @ 6pm): According to Forbes, the amendment that would allow cigar bars to continue running as long as they derive at least 10% of their revenues from the sale of cigars has passed its first hurdle.

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