The Cigar Bar “Exemption” in Nebraska

It would seem to me that cigar bars are meant to be a place where cigar smokers go to smoke cigars and not places for cigars to go to drink (Confused? Click HERE to read this great satire.). Therefore, it would seem reasonable that anyone who entered a cigar bar, whether for business or pleasure, would know that they will be exposed to that awful second-hand smoke. And yet, anti-smoking crusaders are out to protect, well, who exactly? The illiterate?

Evidently, there are a ton of illiterates in Nebraska because their state’s smoke-Nazis have made it next to impossible to legally operate a cigar bar. For example, according to a new law that is near passing, an establishment would need to realize at least 15% of their revenues from selling cigars. Not cigarettes or other tobacco-related products, mind you, nor can they sell “cigars for $15 with a free steak dinner.” It has to be a “real” 15%. Or, in politician-speak, “YOU’RE BANNED!

Fighting tooth and nail just to keep six cigar bars open in Nebraska – We’re losing the war on smoking

And why is there all of this cigar smoking hate going on in Nebraska? If cigar bars are allowed to survive, praise to the legislature on high, there will be about six cigar bars left in the state. SIX!!!!

This is where we are in this battle. Cigar smokers are incrementally getting their rights rolled back. Taxes on cigars have been raised through S-CHIP, you can’t buy cheap cigar unless they are in a five-pack due to fear of kids using them to create blunts, you can’t smoke inside, you can’t smoke outside, you can’t smoke in your car with your kids (who, presumably, aren’t smoking), and smoking will eventually be outlawed thanks to the smoke-Nazi propaganda gold that is third-hand smoke.

I hope those cigar bars stay open but, in the end, I am becoming more convinced that we are on a road to tobacco prohibition. Thank you nanny-stater ninnies.

Published by Travis Lindsay

I am a guy who smokes cigars.

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