Cigar Burns House Down

A cigar decided that he had had enough. After weeks of being kept inside a humid box he finally had a chance to break free. But when he did he found a horrible site. Many of his brothers, who had also been kept in that ghastly box humans call a humidor, were burnt down to a nub in an ash tray.

Official Blames Cigar For Deadly Sioux City Fire

Distraught at the sight of the cigar genocide the cigar, who’s name has been withheld by the police, decided he had to take matters into his own hands. He burnt the human’s house down.

The cigar was last seen heading South. Witnesses say he was talking about going to the homeland of cigars, Cuba, because there he believes he will be “safe.”

Source Title for this Piece: Official Blames Cigar For Deadly Sioux City Fire

Published by Travis Lindsay

I am a guy who smokes cigars.

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