Romeo Y Julieta Habana Reserve Toro Cigar Review

This cigar has a slight sheen of oil. It looks perfect and it’s the second cigar I smoked after the CAO Vision. Very big cigar. Drinking Wild Turkey and a Cherry Coke.

Cigar Stats
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 56
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua
Price: $5.00

Go Light!

This cigar is on the verge of being too fat. Yet, the draw is perfectly fine. I usually end up having draw problems with the thinner cigars anyways. I’m not getting a ton of flavor from this cigar however, which is somewhat surprising.

Feels like a medium bodied cigar, which is shouldn’t be. It should be full bodied. The only flavor I’m getting from this cigar is that it’s a little nutty. Cashew? Maybe. There is also a mild sweetness to it that’s nice.

About halfway through now and it is just a boring cigar. There really isn’t that much flavor to it. No spice or anything that would push the limits of my palate and nothing that makes me think that this is a full bodied smoke.

It does burn evenly though. But who cares if it burns well if it’s boring? I would rather have a cigar that was more of a technical problem and tasted wonderfully than a cigar that was technically perfect, like this cigar, but is just boring. Even if it had some more good flavors to it but it doesn’t – so I don’t like it.

84 points

Other Takes:

Cigar Aficionado: Here is what they had to say about the churchill vitola “An oily cigar that draws well but burns a bit unevenly. It is mostly nutty in character with a touch of sourness on the finish.” They gave this cigar 88 points.

Kear Brothers Cigar Journal: They called this smoke a “classic.” They thought it was mild and has a nice spiciness to it along with some cinnamon and leather. They really like it.

CigarMonkey: This cigar got 86 points from CigarMonkey. “This smoke is far milder than the 1875 Series and the Real Reserva. It was very light and spicy.”

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  1. I was completely satisfied with this cigar as it was my first upgrade from the cheap machine-mades that I’ve been smoking for 4 months now. Medium-bodied and full-bodied and such is all new to me as previous to this there was pretty much Dutch Masters and that’s it. very glad I found them. Mine lasted me just about an hour and a half. The burn got uneven, due to the fact that my lighter failed to light the whole thing. Yes, I have a long way to go, but yes, I will keep buying this cigar.

  2. The R&J Habana Reserve,while marketed as the fullest NC R&J Frontmark, is actually a solid medium cigar and usually mislabeled as full bodied. The reviewer’s issue here is that he expected something (full bodied)that’s simply not there. While I agree that this cigar is not at all complex, it is, like all the NC R&Js, well constructed and consistent from stick to stick. If you prefer a medium bodied cigar and want to try something a bit different, give the Habana Reserve a try.