CAO Vision Prana Cigar Review

The number on the band was 703433, if you really need to know. Good looking cigar with a couple of raised veins. On the tip of this torpedo’s cap there’s a lot of extra wrapper that just hangs down. I don’t think that’s normal. Oh, according to the Cigar Cyclopedia, the filler is Dominican Corojo – so it should be very flavorful.

Cigar Stats
Length: 6 1/4″
Ring Gauge: 52
Wrapper: Dom. Rep.
Binder: Dom. Rep.
Filler: Brazil, Dom. Rep., Nicaragua
Price: $12.00

[SIDE NOTE – I looked online and this cigar can get quite expensive, up to $16 a stick! That’s a ton of money for any cigar so it better be good!]

Ignite Flame!

A good amount of spice with a good draw. Doughy, slightly herbal, very moist smoke. I’m liking it so far but I’m only half an inch in so things can change.

It has burned evenly over the first inch of the cigar. It is full bodied but barely so. Not the most powerful cigar ever but it’s still pretty strong. Great amount of smoke.

Very smooth flavors. No real leading flavors as far as I can tell but, this may be odd, I am getting a flowery flavor coming through as well. The smoke is very creamy though.

Over halfway through the cigar now and it’s definitely 90+. Nothing has changed to the flavor profile. Great cigar, no problems with it.

I’m nearing the end now and, in retrospection, the flavors just aren’t that extraordinary. They are good and well above average but there’s just something missing.

91 points

Cigar Aficionado: They liked this cigar so much that they named it their #9 cigar of 2007. “The cigar is earthy, woody and toasty, with roasted nuts on the palate and a pleasant medium body.” They found that it had many veins as well but gave it 92 points anyway.

Cigar Jack: For him the cigar started out earthy and mellowed out into “hints of cream and roasted peanuts were added to the mix, probably from the aged wrapper. At the end, the Vision got a tad spicy, which I also enjoyed.”

World of Cigars: “The draw is loose but not too so, and if anything, it just offers a generous amount of white smoke with a medium body. The cigar has a cedary profile with leather and vanilla notes. At first, it seems that the cigar will not grow complex, but then flavours of sugar roasted nuts and something which resembles fresh baked bread step into the picture. Half way through, the flavours intensify, the nutty flavour taking more room and bringing along a creamy finish with fruity edges.” They gave it 93 points!

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