Graycliff 1666 Presidente – Cigar Review

Very dark cigar; it is long and on the thinner side. When I first started smoking Graycliffs I had very high expectations. Unfortunately, they never seemed able to live up to the hype. So I’m not expecting that much from this cigar – just a well balanced smoke that is enjoyable.

This cigar smells awesome before I lit it. The color is odd though; it looks spotty. There are dark patches all over the cigar. I doubt that this will adversely affect the flavors of the cigar but thought you should know. Besides the discoloration of the wrapper there is a little triangle of tobacco leaf missing. Points off for that stuff.

Ze Light!

Alright, it is a very good cigar. The flavors are not blowing my mind at all but what is there is perfectly balanced. There is a harmoniousness to this cigar.

The predominant flavor for this cigar is sweetness. Not sickeningly sweet but it’s there. The draw is good and so is the burn. It’s an interesting cigar and I hope it stays that way.

About halfway down, it went out. It really is a shame because I was really enjoying this cigar. After I finally got it re-lit it burned hot for a while (which is to be expected) but quickly got back to the way it was.

Even though I personally enjoy full-bodied, spicy cigars the most I really was enjoying this medium-bodied, sweet cigar. I was going to give it an 89 or even a 90 but then it went out. And it’s not like I even left it untended. It just went out. Still, I can’t knock the score down too far because the flavors were good.

86 points

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