SCHIP – It’s for the “Kids”

A couple of items. First, I would like to direct all readers to my new tag line: “Smoking Cigars for the Children.” The second item will explain the change.

From Smoke Signals:

    The federal tax on large cigars is being increased from $.045 to 52.75% of wholesale price with a cap of $.4026 per cigar (significantly less than the $3/cigar cap originally proposed).
    -There will be no floor tax on large cigars, but a wholesalers/retailers will be required to remit a tax on all floor inventory of other tobacco products.

As long as the price of the cigar is more than $0.80 (and what cigars aren’t more expensive than that?) then your tax/stogie just got nine times larger. For a box of 25 cigars that’s over $10. Yikes!

But children isn’t really all that true, now is it? SCHIP doesn’t protect children only because more than 10% of the “children” in SCHIP are over 18. And that’s just how many are currently enrolled in the program!

And don’t think SCHIP actually helps those who cannot afford health care. When Hawaii did something similar to SCHIP (e.g. the government paying for health care for those above the poverty line but “too poor” to buy their own health care) “A staggering 85% of children enrolled in Keiki Care had been enrolled in private insurance programs.” SCHIP will cover families of four who make up to $61,950 per year!

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