South Dakota’s Proposed Smoking Hell

Right now you can go into South Dakota and smoke a cigar almost anywhere, which is wonderful. Cigars are legal products and they should be enjoyed. But the smoke-Nazi crusaders in that state are aiming to take away a smoker’s freedom.

From Forbes:

    South Dakota should ban smoking in all indoor public places, a state legislative committee says.
    On a 7-0 vote, the Senate Health and Human Services Committee sent to the floor a bill, which would repeal exemptions in current state law that permit smoking in bars, casinos, cigar lounges and hotel rooms.
    The bill’s supporters say it would save lives and cut health care costs.

Hell, if the goal is to “save lives and cut health care costs” then they should also ban cars, fatty foods, and playgrounds. Everything in life has trade offs; nothing is purely good or bad.

But who cares? All that you need to know is that your local politician is crusading to save you from your own choices. From the Rapid City Journal:

    Almost half the states now have comprehensive smoking bans on the books, but no neighboring states have restrictions quite as stringent as what’s being proposed in South Dakota.
    “We’ve all seen the studies that show the danger of secondhand smoke. People who don’t smoke are involuntarily subjected to it,” said Sen. Stan Adelstein, R-Rapid City, a co-sponsor of the bill. “That’s the reason for the total removal of exceptions.”

Smoking represents a Catch-22 situation for politicians. On the one hand they like to be alarmist about the “dire” threat of second-hand smoke. Their alarmist stance leads them to developing legislation that further taxes and regulates tobacco use and makes them look like a knight in white armor to their ninny voters.

But they also need a lot of people to smoke otherwise their grandiose socialized health care initiatives will go unfunded. So what is going to happen?

Let me just be up front: as smokers, we are screwed. Eventually smoking will be completely outlawed, even in your home. In many places it is illegal to smoke with your kids in the car so why not also the home? Even though the outlawing of smoking will lead to less taxes, politicians are good at one thing (and only one thing) and that is finding new ways to take money out of your pocket.

And this leads me to all of you joyous non-smokers who are getting a healthy dose of schadenfreude from seeing smokers get stuck with the bill. You are next. There is something that you are doing (just driving a car is enough) that is “endangering” the children and the government will find a way to get you. Just wait.

Published by Travis Lindsay

I am a guy who smokes cigars.

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