What’s Your Super Bowl Cigar?

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting/entertainment event each and every year. It’s the one day everyone gets together to watch the same game. In honor of this very special sports day you should have an awesome cigar to smoke while watching grown men nearly kill each other.

Some obvious choices for me would be these:

Montecristo #2 (Cuban)

God of Fire (any of them)

Padron 1964 Anniversary

Rocky Patel Sun Grown

Each of these cigars I have smoked and I have loved them. But the perfect Super Bowl cigar needs to be something to behold; gigantic yet delicious – peppery yet refined. Luckily, the good guys at Cigar Aficionado, David Savona in this case, have produced a list of just such cigars HERE.

Need a list of big cigars to choose from for the Super Bowl? Heres a great list from Cigar Aficionado.
Need a list of big cigars to choose from for the Super Bowl? Here's a great list from Cigar Aficionado.

The Ashton VSG has always looked good. Didn’t much like the AB Maxx. I have an Illusione in the humidor but it isn’t this big momma. I would go with the Tatuaje not only because it’s the only cigar made in America (football is America’s game after all) but I do enjoy their cigars.

Want some other opinions?

Click on the pictures here to go to the next cigar on Cigar Aficionado’s list.

Gary Manelski at About.com likes the AB Maxx Freak.

Do any of you have a special cigar set aside for the Super Bowl?

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  1. Zman, thank you for your answer. You are right about Camacho cigars, they are very good.

    As I looked through my humidor yesterday I realized I didn’t have much left in terms of variety. I’ll probably end up going with something from CAO – maybe an Illusione or an Mx2.

    Have fun watching the game! 🙂

  2. It’s freezing here in north Jersey so I’ll be relegated to a smoke in the garage during halftime – especially so I don’t have to listen to Bruce The Politician Stringbean.

    I’m, going with a Camacho Legend Ario. A really nice affordable maduro, and you know it’s packed with flavor if it’s made by Christian Eiroa.

    – Zman