Man O’ War Torpedo – Cigar Review

This is a thick, maduro cigar. Supposedly, it is supposed to be very strong – I don’t know. Just because it is a maduro does not mean it is going to be a strong cigar. Well, we’ll see. To tell you the truth I am not expecting that much from this cigar. I’ve been wrong before and hopefully I am wrong here as well.

The Flame!

Actually, at first it is a strong cigar. There are toast and nutty flavors for this cigar. The draw is great as well. It is not burning evenly though but I do like the flavors. So far so good and I am pleasantly surprised so far.

Alright, now I have smoked it down nearly an inch. Some of the strength that was present at first has gone away. The flavors have changed a bit and I am getting a meaty, almost jerky-like flavor coming through. It smells earthy now too.

There is no way I can say that this is one of my favorite cigars. I like the flavors, mostly, but they seem to be competing with each other. You could call it a complex cigar, kind of like a grade school marching band is complex. There are a ton of different things going on but they do not come together at all.

But it’s not all bad. Not at all really. It is a fairly strong cigar, it is standing up rather well to my Wild Turkey, which doesn’t always happen. And while the flavors are all over the place I can tell that with some aging this cigar will be much better. Heck, even as it stands now it isn’t a bad cigar.

Personally speaking, I would give this cigar another month or two in the humidor. It isn’t too far off from being a really good cigar. I think it even has potential to be a 90 point cigar. Right now, however, it isn’t.

87 points

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