Where Do You Get Your Cigars Online?

I had a question the other day from a friend on Twitter (follow me @Travis_Lindsay) about where I buy my cigars online. The answer is a little complicated.

For the longest time I got my cigars from cigar.com. I’ve also gotten cigars from Finck Cigar Company. There’s also the company that advertises on my site, TSCigar.com. And these sites only sell non-Cuban cigars, so there’s another cigar universe out there that I don’t really know about!

So I’m wondering, where do you buy your cigars online? Do you buy online for the selection, the price, or for some other reason?

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I am a guy who smokes cigars.

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  1. For me it’s either cigar.com and COMTC deal for 10% off.
    Or JR cigar for Consuegra #70 Ms for my everday best bang for the buck cigar.
    Basically I’m looking for the best bang cigar under $100 bucks or cheaper.
    Especially with my being tied right now.

  2. I used to buy from JR, but they don’t carry Padrons. So I bought from Arnold’s until I got smacked with a $50.00+ NY tobacco tax! Now I go with Holt’s, Atlantic, and a few others.
    BTW- The Bolivar is quite good. 7 x 54, a nice fatty. Very tasty, good smoke.