CAO America Monument Cigar Review

I smoked one of these around Christmas-time and I thought it was a wonderful cigar. It was very peppery and had loads of flavor that I loved. I gave it 93 points, which is a score I don’t frequently give. I even said this:

    This cigar epitomizes America. It has brash flavors and a punch to it that almost no other cigar I have ever tried has. I will definitely be smoking another one of these in the future.

Wow! That’s high praise. Does it still deserve it? Here’s my new review on the CAO America Monument:

It is a very beautiful cigar. Smoking it on Inauguration Day, 2009 in honor of America, George W. Bush and the new president, Barack Obama. This cigar has a wonderfully constructed barber poll wrapper (one darker and one lighter wrapper) and there are some oils on the wrapper. Perfect construction. I’m drinking Wild Turkey Single Barrel and a Cherry Coke.

Cigar Stats
Length: 6 1/4″
Ring Gauge: 54
Wrapper: USA/Connecticut
Binder: Brazil
Filler: Dom. Rep., Italy, Nicaragua, USA/Connecticut
Cost: $8.00

American Flame!

Great draw and it’s a full bodied cigar at the start. Leather with a red cracked pepper core, which is reminiscent of the previous one but there’s something different about it. I’m less than a half an inch into this cigar but I’m thinking it is at least as good as the previous one.

Now that I am half an inch in this cigar has lost some of its strength; it’s now more medium-full than full bodied. And it’s more leathery than peppery now. I’m also noticing a sweet flavor in the background, almost blackberry.

Halfway through and I’m disappointed with this cigar. The last one was a flavor bomb. This one doesn’t have the explosion of spice that I remember so fondly. Even though it doesn’t have that explosion of flavor I loved from the other one I still think it’s a great cigar but just barely.

I have smoked it a little further and it’s at the lower end of full bodied. The pepper is completely gone and the leathery/blackberry flavors have taken over. It does burn well though.

Consistent flavors most of the way through. I just wish the pepper from the beginning had stayed and even gotten stronger. It is still a very good cigar but the flavors just don’t stand up well to the previous one, which is a shame.

Anyways, go America!

90 points

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