Baltimore to Ban Sale of Cheap, Single Cigars

This October 1st you will no longer to buy a cheap cigar without getting at least a five-pack. From Convenience Store News:

    After an initial warning, stores selling single cigars would get a $100 fine. The legislation would carry a $150 first-time fine for violators, according to the report. Cigars sold in tobacco stores or those costing more than $2.50 were not included in the regulation.
    Opponents to the legislation, including the Maryland Association of Tobacco and Candy Distributors, challenged the health department’s authority to regulate cigars.
    “It’s an enforcement problem,” Bruce Bereano, spokesman for the association, told the paper, adding the state regulates tobacco sales.

As is always the case when some local or state government wants to ban tobacco sales of any kind it is to “protect the children.” Two theories at play here:

    a. Cheap cigars make it easier for kids to start smoking.
    b. Cheap cigars make it easier for pot-smoking kids to create blunts.

But don’t be tricked – the crusaders in Baltimore will be after your Fuentes and your Padrons in a little bit.

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