Rocky Patel Fusion Toro – Cigar Review

October 10, 2008 · Posted in Cigar Review 

Rocky Patel’s Fusion line is actually very interesting. For the construction of this cigar they use many different tobaccos but that’s not what’s interesting. What is interesting is that they use two wrapper quality leaves; one for the wrapper (duh) and one for the binder.

The binder is made from Ecuadorian Connecticut tobacco leafs and the wrapper itself is a darker leaf that is referred to as “Habano” by the retailer. As with many things in life I think that this term is meant to be a little misleading. The retailer calls it a “Habano” wrapper because the seeds that were used to grow this cigar come from the Motherland of cigars, Cuba. Whatever. The impression they are trying to impart is, obviously, that this cigar was made with Cuban tobacco. It wasn’t.

Now onto the actual cigar. This cigar has a nice, dark wrapper. No really pronounced veins. Overall, the construction of this cigar looks good. The two bands on it are a little much, oh well. But what really matters is how much I like this cigar.


This cigar is just great. I just lit it and I already know that it will be on the strong side. Technically speaking, medium-bodied to strong. There is lots of smoke and this cigar has a perfect draw to it.

Wood and pepper notes for this one. It’s a perfectly good, enjoyable cigar. I really do like it and want to smoke many more. It’s flavors lasted from foot to nub and there were no really harsh notes at all. It burned evenly and wasn’t a chore of a cigar at all. Great cigar!

90 points


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