Finck’s 1893 Robusto Cigar Review

Many of you are probably not all that familiar with Finck’s cigars. Finck is a cigar company that is based in Texas that has an online business as well. Here’s my review of one of their cigars.

It feels very oily. Dark and bumpy. The cap looks pretty bad. Overall, I don’t see any glaring problems that point to this being poorly made but it’s not the best cigar I have ever seen (not by far). Drinking Makers Mark and Cherry Coke.

Cigar Stats
Length: 5″
Ring Gauge: 54
Tobacco: Nicaragua?
Price: Less Than $2.00

Cheap Fire!

Holy crap – that is cheap!

Draw is a bit tight. Medium-full bodied. Spice and some other weird flavor. It’s a bit sweet but there’s something else there. Maybe because I’m sick (still trying to get over my sickness when I smoked this cigar) I can’t pin down that flavor.

I want to say it’s an egg white flavor but that is definitely not fare. What I can say is that I have never had this flavor before but it’s almost like flowers (not egg whites!) when I retrohale (blow smoke through my nose).

An inch in and it’s still medium-full bodied. The spice is in the background now. This is a decent cigar; especially when you consider it costs less than $2.00. It burns evenly.

Halfway through now and I can’t get over this egg white flavor. It just keeps on coming up. It’s weird because I don’t find it truly disgusting – something about it works with the flowers. I’m not saying it’s awesome or anything relatively close to that. But it’s not grotesque and it’s actually mildly enjoyable.

Look, it’s a decent cigar. It’s never going to make anyone’s Top 10 list but it’s fine for the price. Decent cigar.

83 points

Published by Travis Lindsay

I am a guy who smokes cigars.

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  1. i smoked a small cigarette shaped cigar in hawaii perchased by a friend from your company. i am enquiring about purchase prices, quantity and quality. i would like more information,please.

  2. I started smoking cigars about 6 years ago after going to Club Humidor. They naturally started me on Macanudos and in a couple of months pushed me to the high falootin’ stuff which was pretty good but when I started gravitating to Partagas, CAO Brazilia, & Punch (my everyday cigar) I was looked upon as less than human. I complained to a friend who directed me to the Finck Cigar Outlet which is huge, carries everything from El Cheapo to If You Have To Ask The Price You Can’t Afford It Cigars. I was amazed. I was treated like a regular the minute I walked into the place which is prettry darned big. No one followed me around and when I asked for advice, I was given very fair opinions of everything.

    I tried all of the Finck brands because they were so affordable. There were some that were absolute crap but I found that, in a pinch, the Finck Commerce and the 1893 were not bad at all. I still prefer Partagas, Gurkha, Brazilia, Punch, La Gloria, & San Cristobals but I have no problems with the Finck 1893 or Commerce. In fact, I keep a few on hand when I mow the lawn or work in the garage. They’re not bad at all. I think they’re pretty good starter cigars for people that may be scared off by a $6.00 stick.

    Either way, any cigar smoker coming to San Antonio should go to one of Finck’s outlets. You get treated right whether you buy a Sam Houston (don’t do it) or a Davidoff.

  3. Kind of a belated comment considering date of original post, but I was just browsing for reviews of Finck’s and came across this.
    I haven’t had a chance to try these yet. I’ve smoked several of their other ones and liked them. I think some folks look down their nose at Finck’s, but all I know is the last two times I have called in an order, they were out of the 1893’s, and service rep said they can’t keep ’em in stock. I’d say they must be doing something right.

    I’d like to see you try it again, two years later, and maybe review the belicoso and see what you think now.

    1. Thank you for your comment and I think it’s fair to ask for another review of this cigar. Although, if I had to guess at the reason why Finck’s has such a hard time keeping these cigars stocked has more to do with the really low price than the performance of the cigar.