Pride of Jamaice Vintage Reserva Crystals Cigar Review

This cigar comes from Barrington House International, Ltd. Barrington House is one of the only cigar companies that operates in Jamaica and before I started this blog and did a post on Jamaican cigars I can’t recall ever hearing about them. Luckily for me the good people at Barrington House saw the post and decided to send me a few dozen cigars for free and, based off the first couple I have smoked, I am very glad.

And I must say that even though I did get these cigars for free from Barrington House in no way have they paid me for my reviews nor would I be any easier on them in a review. Now onto the review:

Very pale cigar. It comes in a glass tube and it looks like it has very good construction. There are some oils in this cigar. I must also mention that I just got this cigar today and it hasn’t had enough time to rest in a humidor – so keep that in mind. I’m drinking Makers Mark and some water.

Cigar Stats
Grand Carona
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 45
Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder: Mexican
Filler: Jamaica
Price: $6.50

Gratis Fire!

It’s actually quite good. Mild-medium bodied but strong on the flavors. Perfect draw. Earthy with fleeting spice on each puff. The flavor is musty, it’s not a dry cigar. There’s also an herbal flavor to it – something like sage or rosemary.

Normally, I do not like cigars that are less than medium bodied but this one has strong flavors so I’ll make an exception. Half an inch in and the spice still lingers on the palate. Very laid back cigar; none of the flavors are too strong nor offensive.

Burning quickly – that could be because it’s not properly humidified. Whatever the case, I’m really liking the flavors. Spice is taking over more now. Halfway through and it’s turned into a spicy little firecracker! That herbal flavor is still there but it’s way in the background now.

Burns evenly with lots of smoke. I am really enjoying this cigar. Maybe if I give it some time in the humidor it will get even better. Usually I would be lowering a cigar’s rating as the cigar progressed but this isn’t the case here. This cigar only gets better.

91 points

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