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Over the weekend I was looking around online for cigar news and, unfortunately, I ran across this story from Charlotte, North Carolina News 14 that features a cigar owner and some customers predicting what will happen when our country’s new administration takes the reins. Let me tell you right now, it does not look good for cigar smokers.

From the story:

And Washington lawmakers are looking to tobacco buyers and sellers to give it the boost it needs by proposing a tax hike on tobacco products.

Two previous S-CHIP funding bills called for a 53 percent tax on cigars and a minimum price cap.

Those bills were passed in the House and Senate, but were vetoed by the president.

Cigar shop owner Lindalyn Kakadelis said once President-Elect Obama is sworn in, a new S-CHIP bill should pass, since he previously voted in favor of it.

For more information on the proposed tax increases on cigars go HERE for more information. In short, taxes will go up a lot.

What does it all mean? Like I said in my post from last week, Third Hand Smoke, us cigar smokers are screwed. Taxes are going to go up through S-CHIP, regulations are going to increase because of new-found threats to health (the laughable “third hand smoke”), and I believe that all of this is leading to an eventual prohibition of tobacco. After all, it’s not healthy.

For those of you who are not smokers you need to realize something. Right now the government is after us smokers. You may think this is great because you don’t like cigar smell or because you think that being within twenty miles of a smoker will cause you to have cancer and die at thirty (you’re insane, get over your bad self if you believe that). But once the government is done with smokers they will need to get more tax money from another source.

That other source will be you. Something that you do will be considered to be a danger to children (it’s always about the children), as is smoking today, and they will start taxing you and regulating away what you are doing. That’s what the government does and I have no doubt in my mind that an Obama Administration is going to tighten the screws on the tobacco industry.

I guess the question you non-smokers have to ask yourselves is “Do you value freedom?” If you think it’s super that the government is relegating cigar smokers to darkened allies then you will eventually get your just desserts when the government levels their cross hairs on an activity that you currently like.

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  1. The Nanny State is working overtime, to screw people’s enjoyment of just about everything…The city of Toronto is looking to pass some asinine ‘smoking outdoors’ bylaw by school playgrounds, as if smoke wafting outside is any more dangerous than smog or exhaust fumes in the downtown core where I live…utterly galling…

    1. Absolutely. I have made this point before with people I have talked to and maybe even on this blog. If CO2 is causing global warming and the world is going to end because of it shouldn’t we be outlawing cars and trucks? No, that would be ridiculous!

      But since us smokers are in the minority now its perfectly politically correct to trample all over our rights and slap exorbitant taxes on us and limit the places we can actually smoke. It’s sick.

      Thanks for the comment.