Partagas Black Label Piramide – Cigar Review

As luck would have it, just a couple of days ago I saw a great review of one of these cigars (it was the Classico, 5.25″X54) over at the Stogie Review. The reviewer, Jerry (follow him on Twitter @jcruz), had smoked one of these a while ago and thought it was a great cigar. Then he smoked it again within the last week and basically said that while it was a good cigar it was no longer a must have favorite.

So, what do I think? Here’s my review.

A very oily cigar, almost jet black. While there are a couple of raised veins I am not overly apprehensive about this cigar because the whole look of it is just amazing. It should be a very good cigar.

Cigar Stats
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 60
Wrapper: USA/Connecticut
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dom Rep, Nicarauga
Price: $7.50

Black Light!

Right from the beginning this is a full bodied monster of a cigar. There is spice (especially through the nose), just a hint of sweetness, coffee and chocolate. It’s been a while since I smoked a cigar that is so well balanced and offers a good amount of punch.

Even though the draw is slightly tight it is still fine. Although, with a bigger cigar you would think that the draw would be better – minor complaint though. I’m loving this mix of flavors and it doesn’t seem like these flavors are going away anytime soon.

I am smoking this cigar, which was last night, while watching the last season of 24, which appeared two years ago (damn that writer’s strike!) and I can’t think of a better accompaniment to Jack Bauer ripping a man’s jugular out with his mouth then this cigar. I’m guessing that this cigar is in Jack’s humidor.

Little over halfway through now and this is a great cigar, there is just no denying it. There is a lot of nuance to these flavors and they are truly amazing flavors as well. I absolutely love this cigar.

It even burns evenly! I am nearing the end of this stick and all is well. There is no way that this is the best cigar I have ever smoked but it is right up there with them and I will definitely buy this one again.

93 points

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