New York: A Cigar Smoker’s Hell

As I have been hearing from other cigar smokers on Twitter and through their blogs (HERE) New York’s Governor Paterson has just launched a broadside against everything from health clubs to cigars. Here’s the gist: NY spent itself into a hole and now they are going to tax a bunch of things more so they can dig themselves out of their hole.

From the NY Daily News:

Paterson then sought to minimize the aspect of his budget proposal for which he has received the most criticism: The multibillion dollar package of new and increased taxes and fees on everything from downloading digitial music and films to sugary drinks, malt beverages and cigars.

“We found a lot of little taxes that are optional,” Paterson said. “In other words, people can stay away from these items and don’t have to pay the tax to try.”

Something tells me this line of reasoning is not going to go down well.

Something tells me that Elizabeth Benjamin, who wrote this piece, is right. Eventually cigar smokers and everyone else who gets nickel and dimed by taxes, which is everyone, will get sick of this and do something about it.

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