Davidoff Nicaragua Cigar Review

I’ll be honest here: I have not smoked a lot of Davidoffs in my life. And that is probably to my detriment because I have heard a lot of good things about them. For example, one guy I know said that he used to exclusively smoke one of the Davidoff brands almost exclusively because there was something about the taste that was addictive. I understand that feeling as I have it from time to time with cigars I have smoked. Interesting thing, with me at least, is that the cigar doesn’t have to be “spectacularly good” in order to be one of those cigars that I go to a lot; it just has to have that something special that keeps me hooked (at least for a while). But there’s so much on the market (new brands, line extensions, different wrappers on old brands, resurrected brands, etc.) that it’s pretty hard for me to stick to one cigar for a long time.

This cigar is the newest release from Davidoff, which is simply called the Davidoff Nicaragua, and, as the name would suggest, this is a Nicaraguan puro. As you probably know, this is a departure for the company in that they have always used Dominican tobacco to make their cigars. In the grand scheme of things is this a big deal? Probably not but it’s cool and interesting and it shows that the company is being creative. Sure, they could have done what they have been doing for years and still met with a great deal of success but why not try something different?

For this review, I picked the smallest size: short corona. It’s a good looking cigar with what appears to be good construction with some minor veinage. Light brown wrapper with an elegant band (hint: when it comes to cigar bands, simpler is almost always better). Let’s light it up.

Davidoff Nicaragua Short Corona Cigar
Picture: Davidoff Site – click picture for more info

Cigar Stats
Vitola: short corona
Length: 3 ¾”
Ring Gauge: 46
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: $132.00/Box of 14 | $49.50/5 Pack

M60 Flame!

It starts out with some notes of grass and nuts. There’s also buttered toast and some oats as well. Well developed flavor profile; everything is working excellently together from the start and it’s only getting better as the burn line progresses. Also, there’s a great creaminess to the smoke that accentuates all the aforementioned positives in this cigar.

Since this is a diminutive cigar I am going to dispense with the customary review by thirds and do it by halves. The second half is good with the addition of some more toasted flavors. It’s still a nice, elegant cigar with a good deal of flavors mainly revolving around nuts, oats and some woody sweetness coming through in the background.

Medium bodied with a good draw and burn; the Davidoff Nicaragua is a good addition to their stable of cigars. There are a lot of good flavors milling about here and they are all tasty. It’s an elegant cigar from an elegant company.

90 points

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  1. Guys, I have never written any comments about any cigars – but after I smoked the Robusto from this series, I just had to drop a line. The Cigar was wonderful. Reading the review above, reminds me of the taste I enjoyed so much last night. Will be trying the large “Toro” soon.