Tougher Smoking Restrictions in Dallas

If you live in Dallas and frequent a bar that allows you to smoke your favorite cigar you might need to start looking for a new place to light up. Dallas has passed a new regulation that forbids the smoking of tobacco products in establishments that do not at least get 15% of their gross revenue from tobacco sales meant to be smoked on location.

Dallas’ newly expanded smoking ordinance, which city officials will begin enforcing April 10, will allow smoking in bars only if they generate at least 15 percent of their gross revenue from the “sale or rental of tobacco, tobacco products, smoking implements, or smoking accessories for on-premises consumption.” That percentage had to exist as of last Wednesday.

Cigar bars exempt as Dallas expands smoking ordinance, but not all meet criteria – The Dallas Morning News

I’m not even sure how this is legal or if it would stand up to legal challenges. It just doesn’t seem right to outlaw smoking in a public place unless a certain percentage of revenues are realized from smoking on premises. Wouldn’t this fall under the Equal Protections clause?

One thing is for sure, though. More regulations are going to follow.

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