Diesel Hair of the Dog Cigar Review

There’s quite a few variations on the original Diesel nowadays, which isn’t a bad thing; most things with variety are good (except for diseases, torture devices, zombies… maybe I should rethink this whole variety thing). The Diesel Hair of the Dog is another entry and takes its name from that morning drink of alcohol that is supposed to take out hangovers. Does “the hair of the dog” actually work? I haven’t tried it so I don’t know.

The band on this cigar has the same kind of lettering and style as the others but with a lot of greys and blues. It looks nice, the band I mean, and so does the cigar too. Well made, not a lot of veins, some oils on the wrapper, evenly packed, etc. I would have to say that the wrapper is definitely brown.

Diesel Hair of the Dog

Cigar Stats
Vitola: torpedo
Length: 6.2”
Ring Gauge: 52
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Mexican San Andres
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: $100.00/Box of 20 | $30.00/Five Pack

More Cornea for Free Fire!

A streaking bit of spiciness slashes through an otherwise pleasant flavor profile featuring nuts and oak. You really get acquainted with the spice through the retrohale as the spice just refuses to leave your nostrils once it gets in. And that is fine by me. Even though the spiciness is a bit rough around the edges and, perhaps, sticks around a little too long, it is an enjoyable flavor and it is keeping me interested during this first third.

Now, “hair of the dog,” I know conceptually what it is about. And, if I were to drink in the mornings, which I do not, I’m sure I would have had a Bloody Mary at some point and, even though I haven’t had one that I can remember, I think that’s what they were going for when they created the blend for this cigar (not the tomato juice part but the spice up version part). The cigar is a spiced up version of what a normal Diesel is.

The second third follows up the first third solidly and takes a turn for the better. Spice and oak have joined forces and have created a flavor profile anyone could enjoy. In the background I can still taste some nuttiness and there is some earth mixed in there as well. Overall, this is shaping up to be a solid cigar.

Dialing it back a bit, the spice that was a major factor during the first two thirds becomes a supporting character in the overall flavor profile. It’s still there and it does provide nice support for the oak, earth and flowery sweetness that has come to the fore. It’s a pleasant cigar during the final bits but it still retains some of the spicy edge that I enjoyed during the first two thirds.

Medium-full bodied with a good draw and burn; the Diesel Hair of the Dog is a solid cigar that should keep your interest from beginning to end. There is some evolution in the flavor profile and the flavors were able to keep my interest. However, this cigar isn’t going to overwhelm you with its awesomeness either. It’s an enjoyable cigar with good flavors.

89 points

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