Two Great Cigars

Maybe you have noticed that over the last couple of days I have been spending a lot of time tracking cigar news. Most of it has been bad news. Boston, Dallas, England & Wales, Ontario [Canada], and Baltimore have all launched further assaults on cigars and other tobacco products over the last week.

But there’s a bright side to all of this! For the foreseeable future we can still smoke cigars and here are reviews of two great, classic, perfect cigars!

La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel (pyramid)

Cigar Stats
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 54
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Dom Rep
Filler: Dom Rep
Price: $7.00

The cigar construction was a thing of beauty. A Flawless wrapper and beautiful chisel cap let me know I was in for a good smoke. The burn was sharp and never fell off it’s path. The flavors were of spice and leather in the first 3rd. It started to mellow out in the 2nd third with more leather and some salty nuances. I was really enjoying this cigar even though my head was doing a little spinning from the nicotine intake.

As you can see the cut on the cap is a little different, I read somewhere that if you punch through the head like I did It will amount to a better draw. Well I tried it and got a really nice draw, so I recommend trying the punch cut like you see below. I would not recommend this cigar to beginners or novice smokers. It packs quite a punch but is really good.

La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel Cigar – In The Humidor

The La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel received a score of 4.75/5.00 stars from Niko over at In The Humidor.

Here’s another review from A Cigar Smoker’s Journal:

Cruzado Marelas (perfecto)

Cigar Stats
Length: 5 5/6″
Ring Gauge: 46
Wrapper: Nicaragua (criollo)
Filler: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua & Honduras
Price: $9.00

OK, this is where I question my sanity. When I clipped my cigar and began the prelight ritual I had notes of rye which caused many looks of bewilderment with the people I was with. It even prompted the question, “What did you have for breakfast”. The answer to that is an English Muffin. Anyway, the note of rye was so defined and so wow, I thought I might of been delusional. So after a few minutes of sitting there questioning myself I lit my cigar and sure enought the 1st third of the cigar offered notes of rye and chocolate which was a really nice combination. The middle part of the cigar the notes of chocolate were joined by a subtle leather. The final third of the cigar was notes of leather and a heavy spice. As I approached the end of this cigar I was looking for push pin to continue smoking it. I had to put it down when there was nothing left to hold.

Cigar Review: Cruzado – A Cigar Smoker’s Journal

The Cruzado received a score of 96/100, which is amazing.

Gosh, both of these cigars have gotten me in the mood for a good cigar of my own. I’ve got a couple of Fuentes and an Upmann (not Cuban, sigh) to choose from. This should be a good afternoon.

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