Regulate Cigar Sales to Prevent Pot Smoking?

OK, some people are just dumb. Unbeknown to me, potheads buy cigars, hollow them out, and then stuff marijuana in them to create a “blunt.” Obviously this is a huge problem ranking up there with Somali pirates, genocide in Darfur, a nuclear Iran, a tanking global economy, and figuring out what to do with Jay Leno after he leaves The Tonight Show.

But is outlawing the sale of single cigars (the smoke-Nazi crusader is proposing, you guessed it, forcing retailers to sell cigars in five packs – related story) going to stop pot smokers? Do I even need to answer that question?

Here’s part of the original story:

Hidden among the discussion surrounding Wednesday’s vote on a strengthened smoking ban is addendum Item No. 13 on the council’s final docket of the year, which includes a whopping 151 items. This item addresses the sale of individual cigars, long the bane of Dwaine Caraway’s existence, along with saggy pants and public speakers.

The new ordinance would prohibit the sale of individual cigars and require cigars to be sold in packages of at least five, with a penalty of no more than $500 awaiting the perpetrator. Notably, it doesn’t apply to cigars sold in tobacco shops or other businesses.

So what’s Caraway’s beef then? Well, he knows it’s hard to make a blunt without a cigar, so this is his answer to stopping the practice in his district. Heck, it even lists “public safety improvements and crime reduction” as the key focus area on the item.

Caraway Bluntly Addresses Pot-Smoking Problem By Targeting Single Cigar Sales – Dallas Observer

A week ago I did not think that some ridiculous law like this would be proposed all that often. But then I started paying attention. Every day there is a new story detailing how the government is going to prevent us from smoking cigars.

These people who are so ruthlessly targeting cigars and other tobacco products are fascists. If someone in their jurisdiction isn’t being “healthy” then WATCH OUT because they are coming to save you from your bad self.

Published by Travis Lindsay

I am a guy who smokes cigars.

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  1. “Right thing” to do law or a sin tax, call it whatever you want but the main goal of many politicians is to get an outright ban of tobacco products, even cigars. If the politicians can point to a supposed outbreak of pot-smoking masquerading as cigar smoking then, fine, they’ll do that. If they can point to a study that shows “third hand smoke” killing defenseless, little children then that’s what they will use to get cigars, and every other tobacco product, banned.

    Until that glorious day, in their minds at least, when the world is free from the horrible “sin” of tobacco they will gladly extract as much taxes as they can from us.

    Thanks for the comment.

  2. This has nothing to do with cigars. It’s just another way for democrats to present a bill to non-smokers that looks like a cut-and-dry “right thing” to do law. A politician tells a non-smoker that cigars are leading to drug use and instantly that voter wants to prevent it!

    1. Yes Correct because politicians wants the popularity so they have to get attention from people or supporters. __