Rocky Patel Decade Short Cigar Review

I received the cigar for this review from Cigars Direct. All Reviews are my own.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra   |   Binder: Honduran   |   Filler: Nicaraguan   |   Box of 20: $200.00; 5 Pack: $50.00   |   Torpedo   |   6 ½″ x 52

0/3: This is definitely one of my favorite Rocky Patel cigars. It is a beautiful looking box pressed cigar with a good amount of oils and nary an imperfection. Solidly packed.

Cue video of Rocky talking about this cigar:

1/3: Spice, cherry and oak. The flavors are clean and tasty. Medium bodied during the first third. Very good so far.

2/3: This third has the same components as the first, save the oak, but also has this bitter, gritty earthiness too. Medium bodied still, maybe a little more.

3/3: Earthiness takes over during this third. There’s definitely a darkness to the flavor profile now that would have been improved if there was a bit of sweetness added in.

4/3: Medium bodied with a good draw and burn, this cigar is pretty good. From my recollections of this cigar I was expecting a lot more spice, which would have been nice. Still, the flavors are tasty and there’s nothing bad I can say about this cigar.

3.5 out of 5 points – Above average cigar

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