128-Year-Old Tobacco Shop Being Forced to Cover Up Cigars

In government’s endless pursuit to bring prohibition to tobacco there is a new law banning the display of tobacco products, including cigars. Here’s the story:

In another encroachment on our freedoms there is a new law forcing tobacco shops to put their products behind a curtain
In another encroachment on our freedoms there is a new law forcing tobacco shops to put their products behind a curtain

A tobacconist whose shelves carry hundreds of products fears he will have to work behind a curtain when a ban on displaying tobacco starts.

New laws banning tobacco displays in England and Wales were announced by the government on Tuesday.

Martin McGahey, 52, said there was not enough space under the counter at his shop in Exeter, Devon for his 2,000 tobacco products.

Mr McGahey’s traditional shop has been at the same site since 1880.

It has been run by his family since 1930.

He said: “If we are included in the new laws then everything will have to be out of sight under the counter.

New way to protect people from cigars: COVER THOSE CIGARS UP WITH A CURTAIN!

Curtains fear for tobacco store – BBC News

Here we have another government deciding that they have to protect you from a legal product. Obviously, their reasoning goes, you are too stupid to know tobacco can cause cancer and shorten your life so they have to come in and COVER UP CIGARS!

This is just the knee-jerk solution proffered by every government that has ever existed. With tobacco, we have a product that people like to smoke and chew. It is also a product that is addictive and can shorten your life. So, instead of just outlawing the sale of tobacco products to children (which I support) they curtail the freedom of adults who have chosen, knowing the dangers, to use tobacco.

And even if you don’t use tobacco the government is going to be coming after you. They are already telling us what we can eat and drive and who knows what is next? But if you are fine with mortgaging your God-given right to freedom in exchange for a false sense of security then, well, you get what you deserve.

Published by Travis Lindsay

I am a guy who smokes cigars.

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  1. This article definitely makes you think about are freedom as cigar and pipe tobaco enthusiasts.What's next taking are freedom away so we couldn't the finer things in life.

    1. Gar,

      It's a brave new world we live in, isn't it? I wonder what the government is going to do once they lose all that tax revenue they get from people like you and me. It's not like you can tax puppies… wait, I probably shouldn't give out new tax ideas like that. 😉