A Rebound for Jamaican Cigars?

I have seen very little Jamaican tobacco used in cigars. Heck, I’ve seen more Italian tobacco used (CAO). But that might be about to change:

Joseph Adduci intends to turn back the hands of time by producing cigars with Jamaican tobacco. Of Italian- American decent, he came to Jamaica some fifteen years ago. During that time he has run a 10,000 acre farm, a cable television company, an ice factory and a boutique hotel all in the parish of Westmoreland. He learned how to grow tobacco in Connecticut, in the United States.

He began his tobacco venture in Jamaica two and a half years ago and says that his company is still very much in the research and development stage. At present his company, Adduci Tobacco Limited grows tobacco on 100 acres of land in both Clarendon and Westmoreland, which is attended to by 20 farmers. The company, through its brands Adduci Cigars and King Lion Jamaican Cigars currently exports 900,000 cigars a year.

Adduci now wants to expand his operations and is currently looking for partners.

Joseph Adduci spearheads Jamaica’s cigar industry – JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM

To tell you the truth this seems like a long shot to me. The premium cigar industry is already dominated by a few country’s tobacco and they aren’t about to just give up. Now, if Jamaica’s tobacco can offer something special, maybe something more full bodied than other tobaccos, then they might have a shot to get a toehold.

Even if they do end up being successful it is going to take years to really get good product out. It takes a while to get the tobacco just right and then you have to age the tobacco to make it worthwhile for premium cigars. Good luck.

Published by Travis Lindsay

I am a guy who smokes cigars.

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  1. I am not a cigar smoker, I am however impressed with Joe Adduci’s gumption,spirit and vision. I have known him since we were kids together in Connecticut. It seems to me that the growth in unit volume and name recognition of Jamaican cigars would be a good thing for the entire industry and the economy of Jamaica. Despite political correctness and the health issues people will still demand good quality cigars. Props to you Joe…..

  2. Barrington-
    Thank you for your quick response to my post. I will call and take you up on your offer.

    Rick Underberg

  3. Jamaica Platinum was produced in the USA by a company in Florida. They have since ceased their production. Perelman cyclopedia would be able to help you more he knows about almost every manufacturing company. http://www.perelmancyclopedia.com

    If you are looking for Jamican Rum Cigar call our office in NY and mention perfect draw and we will send you some complimentary.

  4. I am wondering if anyone has information on Jamaica Platinum (rum soaked) cigars. Are they still being manufactured? Are they available for purchase on-line?

  5. Thank you for passing the request on to us I believe he can purchase them from a company called “Fumee” they are located in Texas, 2403 South Bell Blvd., Cedar Park, Texas 78613
    Please call our offices, 1-800-832-9599, and we will send you a sample to hold you over until your shipment arrives.

    Long Ashes!!!!
    Don’t forget to mention you were referred by perfect-draw to get your free sample..

  6. Where can I buy Pride of Jamaica cigars, retail, by the box? I have been buying them from Bandit and they have gone out.

  7. Dear Mr.Pickline,

    Thank you for your kind words.
    If you would like to purchase Adduci Jamaican Cigars or King Lion Jamaican Cigars feel free to contact me directly.As you may know my phone number is available on my web site.FYI:I live in Jamaica for 15 years.I,along with the Government of Jamaica,are rebuilding the entire Jamaican Tobacco Industry and want all the support we will find. Our goal is to employ 3000 labourers within 4 years,rebuild brand Jamaica Tobacco through agriculture,manufacturing and global export.

    Thank you again for your kind support of Barrington House Cigars and Adduci Jamaican Cigars !

    For this land we love.

    Happy New Year !

    Joseph Adduci
    Adduci Jamaican Tobacco Ltd.
    Adduci Jamaican Cgars
    King Lion Jamaican Cigars

  8. Good morning Mr. Lindsay,
    I just stumbled across your article and my wife and I had a chuckle after reading all the posts. We were slightly disturbed then did a quick search on your “Cigar Man” Joseph Adduci. We relocated to Jamaica 10 years ago from the US. My wife is a lawyer and professor at U.W.I and we have a lot of social events at our place. We are very much into cigars and so are our friends. We are fans of Barrington House Cigars because they are truly authentic. We know where to buy them and the company is credible in our opinion and well known among the Island’s elite. They can easily back up what they say, look at their site and their awards. I have never come across an Adduci’s cigar in my 10 years here in Jamaica nor have ever heard of them. You mean to tell me that a company can produce 900,000 stick as he claims but cannot have a credible website other than a boastful PR wire with no information.
    Truly, for someone that has been in the business since he was 12 as he stated to you, he should know better by now, no? Anyone can throw names around and I hope you do your fact checking because there are so many imposters. I am not endorsing Barrington House because we don’t know them personally but their cigars are darn good and I can find them in most upscale places on the Island. We were on vacation in Switzerland over the holidays and Bingo…we found Barrington House Cigars. There is no resistance if you are credible and have a good product it will carry itself.
    Barrington, Keep on making us proud here in Jamaica! We love your cigars!
    Aj & Dawn

    1. Aj,

      Thank you for the comment and please call me Travis. I live in Southern California and have not had much of an introduction to Jamaican cigars until about a week ago when Barrington House graciously sent me a few dozen cigars to try. Unfortunately, I have been sick for most of the last week so I haven’t gotten much of a chance to try all the different types of cigars they sent but I have had two of the Pride of Jamaica Vintage Reserva Crystals and I’m sure you will agree with me when I say they are great. I am interested to hear from you what kind of flavors you get from those cigars because, to me at least, they were very distinctive.

      As for Mr. Adduci’s claims I don’t know if they’re realistic. He is a businessman and its his job to be optimistic about his company’s future. Like you, I am a little incredulous about the frantic rate of growth being projected by Mr. Adduci and, if history is any guide, quick growth can lead to quality problems even for the best. All we can do is wait and see what happens and I do wish Mr. Adduci along with every other cigar maker the best of luck. And they are going to need a lot of luck since America and many other Western countries are ratcheting up anti-smoking laws and increasing taxes on tobacco products, which isn’t a good development for smokers or cigar makers.

      Again, thank you for your thoughtful comment and I hope you weren’t laughing at all of my posts. 😉

  9. Barrington,

    I think I might just take you up on your offer. And thank you for the information, very interesting stuff. And I actually have Perelman’s Cigar Cyclopedia, it’s a great resource but, since it is so exhaustive, I haven’t memorized everything in it yet – I’m working on it though.

  10. Dear Mr. Lindsay,

    My name is Barrington Adams, the CEO of Barrington House Cigars Jamaica Ltd. In fact the cigar buisness in Jamaica never died we purchased the Combined Tobacco Factory back in 1996, this factory produced the original blend for “Macanudo” for Hunters & Frankau in england which won international awards,the factory also produced under private label Cream De Jamaica,John Aylesbury, and many more, Mr. Chang was a blend master and we continue to manufacture to date. Jamaican cigars are very mild and have a very pleasant taste which was the what made “Macanudo” a unique taste “jamaican Tobacco”. The brands we produce are currently producing and are well known in the past were carried by Famous Cigars,Harold Levinson Associates,Moms Cigars,even Mr. Rothman at one time carried these cigars, but now are distributed directly through Barrington Jamaican Imports USA, are as follows, Guaranteed Jamaica,Fundadores,Santa Cruz,Pride of Jamaica, Harvill,Jamaica Hetirage,Montalvo, the information can be fount in Perelman’s Cyclopedia. Please send your information and I would love to send you a free box of our cigars for your enjoyment.
    *”Macanudo” is a registered trade mark of “General Cigars”,Barrington House Cigars are not associated in any way with General Cigars.

    Barringotn Adams
    Barrington House Cigars Ja Ltd.
    email: jamaicancigars@aol.com

  11. It is not a long shot,it is a reality.History,expertise and the Government of Jamaica are on my side.
    Best regards,
    Joseph Adduci
    Adduci Jamaican Cigars
    King Lion Jamaican Cigars
    1 876 831 1803