Ortega Serie D Maduro Short Cigar Review

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Maduro   |   Binder: Nicaraguan   |   Filler: Nicaraguan   |   Box of 10: $64.00; 5 Pack: $34.00   |   Robusto   |   5″ x 52

0/3: First off, I have to thank Keith from Tiki Bar Online for gifting me this cigar. It has been safely resting in my humidor for a couple of months now and it was resting in Keith’s for some time before that.

This is the first offering from Eddie Ortega’s new cigar company and I’ve heard only good things about it. It’s a perfect looking box pressed cigar with a minimum amount of veins and a dark brown wrapper.

1/3: Strong flavors ranging from earth to a bit of spice (close to habanero) and even some chocolate.

2/3: During the transition from the first to the second third a great bitter chocolaty flavor takes over. There’s still a bit of spice hanging around and some vanilla.

3/3: The final third sees an increase in the spiciness buttressed by a healthy dose of chocolate. Spice and chocolate works well in food and it works just as well in a cigar. Earthiness makes a resurgence. I had to perform a touch up to the burn line during this third.

4/3: There is a nice intensity of flavor with this cigar that I like. It never got harsh and was always enjoyable. Medium-full bodied with a decent burn and a good draw this is a cigar that most people will like. I think most people will also like the price point of this cigar. A good fit for those who like heavy flavors; mainly the earth and the chocolate.

4 points

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