As a Cigar Smoker You are Hated

Here’s the last line from a story from the [Long Beach, CA] Press-Telegram:

Cigars may be legal, but just barely, and they should remain so only if they don’t intrude on our personal space.

A break for smokers – Press Telegram

This story doesn’t have a byline so there’s no way I can tell who wrote it but I can tell that this person is a coward.

“Ewww! I can’t stand that cigar smoke, get it away you mean, dirty man you. GET IT AWAY!!!!” this guy is saying in a weak, effeminate voice, of course.

See, since 1995 smoking has been totally outlawed indoors in public buildings in Long Beach and now, much to this smoke-Nazi’s chagrin, cigar lounges are being legalized. “DAMN!”

Frankly, once I started reading this opinion piece I thought the writer – or writers – represented an enlightened, conservative/libertarian mode of thinking. But after about halfway through this piece everything changed for the worse.

They go over the tired shtick of smoking tobacco equals cancer (really Scooter?) and therefore no one should be allowed to smoke. And then, which I found deliciously precious, they compared the amount of smoke at a couple of cigar social events to that of a busy freeway. And yet they didn’t call for the outlawing of cars on freeways.

These people who make hey about people making their own decisions are just sad, pathetic, little people. These are the same fascists who want to take soft drinks out of the playground and just kill all kinds of fun because, after all, fun kills.

Published by Travis Lindsay

I am a guy who smokes cigars.

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