Tatuaje Little Monsters Mini Mumm Cigar Review

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For those of you who know math that means I have reviewed four of these cigars and for those of you who know math and know about the Tatuaje Little Monsters series you will know that this review of the Mini Mumm will complete the Little Monsters series for me. While reviewing all the Little Monsters isn’t as arduous a task as, say, circumnavigating the globe in a catamaran I’m sure I’m liking reviewing and smoking these cigars more than puking my guts up in the South Pacific and being accosted by pirates off the coast of Sudan (damn Somalis!).

Closed foot, somewhat veiny, toothy cigar with a rough textured wrapper. What I like the most about this cigar, as well as the rest of the Little Monsters, is that they are smaller cigars. It’s fine if you like the thicker ring gauged cigars but, for me, I like the smaller ring gauge cigars because you get to taste more of the wrapper and I like the lesser amount of smoke consumption you get from a smaller ring gauge cigar. To me, smaller cigars usually end up tasting better. (Contradicting this is the fact that I really like figurados of almost any ring gauge a lot.)

One point of interest for this cigar is that unlike all the other Little Monsters, which are based off of cigars that have already been released, the Mini Mumm is based off a cigar that has not been released yet, The Mummy. (h/t Tiki Bar Online)

Those Little Monsters
Those Little Monsters

Cigar Stats
Vitola: toro
Length: 5 ¾”
Ring Gauge: 42
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sung Grown Criollo
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: ~$8.00/single as part of a box of 10 Little Monsters

The Mummy Flame!

It starts off with amazing, deep flavors. A bit of spice, leather, anise and maple. There’s a lot of depth to the flavors, at least in the early goings, and there is a good deal of complexity as well. Even though it’s still early I think this might challenge the Frank Jr. as my favorite Little Monsters cigar.

The second third is still good but the depth of flavor has slackened a bit. I’m continuing to get leather and maple and a bit of anise. There’s also a bit of hay that is very faint.

Leather, hay and some spice has reentered the fray. It’s still a good cigar with some complexity and depth of flavors.

Medium bodied with a good draw and burn the Mini Mumm started out amazingly but didn’t live up to that first third, which is fine because that first third set a really high bar and even though there was a drop off it wasn’t a huge drop off. From beginning to end the flavors you are going to get are deep, expressive flavors that will definitely keep you interested the whole time. Of the Little Monsters this one is my second favorite.

91 points

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