Ontario Bans Flavored Cigarillos to “Protect” the Children

Yesterday, I covered a story from the [California] Modesto Bee about how some municipalities in America were thinking about restricting the sale of small cigars to “protect” the children. The two great ideas proposed were higher taxes (to bring cigar taxes inline with cigarette taxes) and outlawing the sale of individual cigarillos.

Ontario, Canada has now one-upped everyone! They are banning the sale of flavored cigarillos to, you guessed it, “protect” the children.

How great of them – in order to protect their citizens from themselves the Ontario government has curtailed their citizen’s freedoms. It wasn’t good enough to just outlaw the sale of flavored cigarillos to children they have to completely outlaw the sale of flavored cigarillos to everyone.

Here’s the story:

A private member's bill to outlaw candy-flavoured cigars from being sold in Ontario has received third and final reading in the legislature.

The legislation, co-sponsored by the Liberals and New Democrats, was approved in near record time, especially considering that private member's bills rarely become law.

Health Promotion Minister Margarett Best says selling peach- and cherry-flavoured cigarillos for $1 each in packaging designed to appeal to kids is troublesome.

She says anything that prevents kids from lighting up in the first place is a good thing, which is why the government supported the legislation.

The bill to outlaw flavoured cigarillos is not expected to be proclaimed into law for a few months.

Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory says the bill is a deliberate sideshow designed by the government to detract attention from Ontario's faltering economy and job losses.

TheStar.com | Ontario | Ontario passes bill to outlaw cigarillos.

How thoughtful of these meddling fascists. Right now they are outlawing flavored cigarillos but what’s next? What’s next is anything that can be construed as even slightly unhealthy to those defenseless children.

Keep coming back for more updates about this ongoing assault on cigars.

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  1. Ugh We have the same issue here in the states. I dunno if they got to cigarillos yet. I hope not it's all I got left but with all the anti smoking laws and bans going on well is anyone else reminded of ooooh I don't know…nazi Germany perhaps? I'm expecting fruit flavoured and sweet alcohol to be banned next. At least with their "logic" it should be banned. Since it's sweet it obviously targets children. It's getting ridiculous. Why not crack down on the people SELLING the kids cigarettes?