Illusione Cigar Review

June 23, 2012 · Posted in Cigar Review 

“…Three days ago we all died,” Jack told Kate in the third episode of the first season of Lost. Now, from what I’ve read, that doesn’t mean that they were all dead for the totality of the series but, honestly, I still don’t really understand everything about that show (Is that even possible?). That is why I have started watching it again and once I started delving into those conspiratorial waters my mind drifted to Illusione cigars.

Why? I’ve covered that before in a previous review, so I won’t do so again here. Suffice it to say, there’s meaning to the names of Illusione’s cigars. For example, take the Illusione Holy Lance, which I’m going to be reviewing presently. The “Holy Lance” is a reference to the lance that pierced Christ while he was being crucified.

This particular cigar, along with two others of the same vitola, was gifted to me by a good BoTL named Danny. Thanks buddy!

It’s a good looking cigar; long and slender. Superbly crafted, not very oily, the wrapper feels fuzzy. The cap is adorned with a little pigtail, which I guess is the cigar equivalent to having spinners. Consistently packed from foot to head. It’s a good looking cigar without any significant flaws.

Cigar Stats
Vitola: long panatela
Length: 7 ½″
Ring Gauge: 40
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $240.00/Box of 25

Lost Explained(?) Flame!

It starts out wonderfully. Very warm flavors ranging from anise to wheat to general earthy flavors. It is a complex cigar with a lot of layers of flavor right from the beginning. (I don’t want to get too overwrought with the Lost comparison but Lost started off the same.)

During the second third a flowery flavor starts to come through. Anise has almost completely disappeared. Wheat is still present but is now far in the background but the earthiness is still there. Still a lot of complexity.

A little bit of bitterness comes on during the final third but, on the retrohale, the flavors are great. Flowery flavors make up the majority of the flavor profile but there is still some earthiness lurking in the background.

Both the draw and the burn are great. It’s a medium bodied cigar with a lot of flavors that every cigar smoker would like. When you are looking for an easy going cigar with a lot of flavor this should definitely be in the discussion.

93 points


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